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Kirk…Mohnton, Pa. : Landscape and tree service - Wow, I received the stump grinder a couple days ago, was immediately very impressed. A lot of machine for the money. It was as good or better than was represented. I ground some stumps here around the house to test it out, and it works excellent. I’m extremely satisfied, and just called to report, and order some spare cutter teeth.

Jonathan…N.J. : Full Tree Service-Mercy, we have ground tons and tons of stumps with our old, early model stump grinder. It has outlasted three tractors. We had to up-size the driveline due to progressively bigger tractors, and now on our German Fendt 110 H.P.!! it will really move some wood. We actually sold the stump grinder, but the new owner has been kind enough to just let us keep using it. As soon as he comes and takes it, we will be getting a PRO100 or PRO150 stump grinder for the Fendt.

Jim…DeRidder, La. : Stump Grinding Operator - For two years we tried to find out how to get a hold of you guys, after another local tree service obtained one of the M50E’s and we witnessed how fast it worked. He would not divulge where to get one, and threw up a road block to our finding out easily. I bought a cheaper brand in an attempt to suffice, and found it inadequate for commercial applications. The teeth were astronomical in price, and dull after about four stumps. The M50E is many, many times faster and slicker. I can’t even put a number on it, but overall it is TEN TIMES the machinery. We’re so glad we finally found you all.

Ben…Lyme, N.H. : Old Farmstead Restoration - Heavens, we have been through thousands of stumps. Our conditions are brutally rocky, and tooth maintenance is critical. Still, it is our most profitable machine, and just keeps on ticking. We are doing lot and land clearing, stump grinding, and restoring the old New England pastures, hay ground, woodlands, and farmsteads.

Steve…Mass. : Tree Service - Great stump grinder machine. Undestructable. Don’t hesitate to buy. I bought mine sight unseen, and was thrilled with that gamble outcome.


Les W…New Ulm, Mn. : Stump Grinding Service - I used to work for a company making PTO Grinders. Yours is much better. It’s powerful, fast smooth, I really like it. It contains the chips well. Strong, good PTO Drive Shaft, Heavy Duty overall. No trouble with it. BEST CUTTER I HAVE EVER RUN. Also it’s stable and smooth for the tractor, and doesn’t move around. Others I’ve run are rough, and shake, and move around. The backfill blade is really handy to move the chips around. The telescopic extension on the stump grinder is really nice. And another thing I like is how close you can get to obstructions, etc. I can grind right up to the edge of buildings, foundations and such.

Elannia B…Ellis Grove, Il. : Stump Grinding Service - I love my grinder. We were originally looking for an ash pan, but so glad we bought the Miller PRO75. It’s the best, most awesome stump grinder you could ever imagine. I’ve learned how to really make it “howl”. Everybody that sees it in action, marvels. I like how close I can get to foundations, etc. It contains the chips really good, and leaves such little clean up. I would recommend it to anyone. Like I said, I’ve gotten really good at operating it, and was wondering if you’d like some video for your web site. Also, I found the company extremely honest, forthright, and supportive. Even though we bought the stump grinder used, one time when some pockets oddly cracked, the company acknowledged a metallurgical defect and immediately replaced the parts free of charge. Then, since we bought the unit used, and didn’t have the proper manual, and missed a couple of grease points, the drive tubes got gaulled up, and wiped out the carrier bearing. Although they are a manufacturer, and not a repair shop, we took the machine to Millers shop, and they restored it for no labor charge, and provided reduced priced parts to help us get back to square one, and up and running, and making money. With a manual, and proper maintenance, only teeth, and an occasional set of clutch discs have been required since.

Micco Land Clearing, Micco, Fl. : Land Development - I love that stump grinder. I use it a lot. I upgraded from the 48 H.P. Kubota to a 75 H.P. Although it ground excellent, and I was satisfied before, now it goes through stumps like a hot knife through butter. I have the tractor loader and grapple bucket, it’s the ultimate tree machine. With our sandy soil, we have a lot of blow overs, and root balls. The Miller raises high enough to carefully grind those kind of situations…much higher than any towable type grinder. I charge three times the rate for those. With the tractor bucket, we can clean up if the customer desires, and that adds 40% revenue to the job. Whenever anybody sees the rig in action, they say oh my gosh…that thing’s a monster. I see a lot of cheapo units down here, especially on skidsteers, but yours is a far far superior, heavy duty, truly professional piece of machinery. We average $150.00 per hour grinding stumps, and it is the most profitable investment I’ve ever made.

Mike H…Union City, Tn. : Full Tree Service - Well, of course you know I’ve since went with the PRO150…but, buddy, I really used that PRO75T stump grinder, and just keep it around. I really worked it hard, I suppose, for 5-6 years. Other than minor repairs, it has been an excellent machine. I’ll tell you how much I used it, I wore completely through the intermediate plate in the housing just from chips circulation through there. I just patched it with some 3/8” plate. It’s been a real money maker. You remember “Punkin” I brought up there to buy a PRO75T stump grinder also…he just can’t believe it. He says, I should have done this years ago.

Buddy O…Corrigan, Tx. : Stump Grinding Contractor - You know I’ll put this stump grinder up against any of the competitive machines out there. As you know, stump grinding rates are very competitive here in Texas. A tractor mounted one is so much faster than a towable or self propelled grinder…it’s the only way to make good money, day in/day out. And of the tractor mounted ones, the Miller is by far and away the best. I’ve run them all, and yours is way faster, smoother, and very low cost to operate. Now, you have to know how to operate it, and keep it greased for maximum life. It is a very high performance, precision piece of machinery. So many times we have gone onto a job, or storm site, and just embarrassed other folks there with their cheap (and sometimes not so cheap) lesser stump grinders. Texas yellow pine is one of the toughest woods to grind. Your wheel tooth pattern works very well in these conditions. I can grind a stump the size of a number two wash tub in about 90 seconds…and that’s going about 8 inches deep, and providing a good job at a fair and square price for the customer. I’d be glad to tell anybody how they’re the best. I’ve had two…and you know my son and law runs a PRO100 PTO Stump Grinder part time down here too.

Buell P…Bonnie Dune, Ca. : Tree Service Operator- I love this tool. I have it on a J.D. 4700 with loader and grapple bucket. It is an essential tool for the tree work we do out here. I have great respect and thankfulness for the factory support and technical information supplied by phone, which allows us to do maintenance and repairs ourselves quick and cheap without the cost and time working with a dealer. The stump grinder is constructed very “modular” like tinker toys, can be taken apart, worked on, and put back together very easily if necessary. Our repairs run about 1-2% of gross earnings…that is, for every $100,000 of income, the machine requires about 1,000-2,000 in parts to keep it shaped up.


Mike B…Mulberry, In. : Farmer and Part Time Stump Grinder- Definitely the best Return on Investment of any equipment we’ve purchased for the farm. I only grind every once in awhile, but the machine has paid for itself many times over, and is a great part time income generator. Plus, I like the stump grinding process, and working with the customers. I have it on a 100 H.P. Case I.H. tractor. The Constant Velocity Driveline makes it very smooth, and less wear and tear on the tractor than say a bush hog mower. I have had it many years, and no failures…only teeth and pockets.

Tom J…Franklinton, La. : Retired Marine and Oil Rig Engineer- My son and I operate the grinder for part time income. We have it on a Case/David Bradley 90 H.P. tractor. This is the finest piece of short line equipment I have ever seen. I’ve been around a lot of sophisticated equipment in my career, and am very impressed with the design and workmanship of the PRO100 stump grinder. Our local dealer was promoting the little shaving bust stumper, and we are sooo glad we didn’t go that direction. We see others struggling with those things down here…trying to do hurricane clean up and such. Our PRO100 stump grinder is so smooth, powerful, easy on the tractor, and fast it impresses everyone who sees it. It’s a very profitable part time income, and I’d recommend this brand way above all others.

Steve…Alden Pines Country Club, Fl. : Golf Course- After the 2004 Hurricane virtually “flattened” Pine Island, we purchased a PRO100 stump grinder to grind thousands of stumps on our golf course. The PRO100 works awesome on our 90 H.P. J.D. tractor…which we already had for other golf course work. The 1000 RPM PTO driveline is truly industrial. No failures (other than a couple pair of slip clutch discs) have occurred even after a massive amount of grinding. With care and caution, the machine will grind 4-5 feet high, which is ideal for the blow overs, root balls, and partially uprooted trees. The tractor mounted concept allows great, fast access, and fantastic stump-to-stump times. We paid for the machine, through cost avoidance of hiring the stump grinding, in about one week. It even grinds the “rock hard” Australian Pine we have down here…which many grinders won’t.

Mike J…Ft. Valley, Ga. : Almond Grower- I tell you…every nut grower farm could use one of these stump grinders. We have ground tons of Almond stumps with ease. And Almond is not an easy wood to grind. We really have put the machine through it’s paces, and had no problems with it in about four years. It’s smooth, powerful, very productive, and easy on the tractor with the constant velocity joints, and well engineered drive line.

M. Builders…Statesboro, Ga. : Land Development- Wow, the tractor mounted PRO100 PTO Stump Grinder on an old cheap Ford tractor is really the hot set-up. Our land is not flat, and the tractor mounted stump grinder navigates the terrain much better than engine driven machines, and allows us to clean up mountain land, build roads, and generally improve the land for home building. The machine has been amazingly reliable, and I’d be glad to recommend this stump grinder to anyone.


Mike H…Union City, Tn. : Full Tree Service Operator- While I was concerned about the size of the PRO150 PTO Stump Grinder on my 95 H.P. J.D., it handles it well. I like the big stump grinder. It is just awesome. 2-3 tree guys that have seen it all think it’s outrageous. It will out grind ANY STUMP GRINDER I’ve seen in the 15 years I’ve been in the tree business. If you have anybody that wants a reference, send them my way, I’ll recommend it straightaway. It’s way more grinder than any of those cheap ones coming out these days, there’s no way you could use one of the cheap pto stump grinders in a commercial operation.

Joe Redline Tree Service…River Falls, Wi. : Full Tree Service and Land Clearing- I love the PRO150 stump grinder. We have it mounted on a Ford 9030 Bi-Directional Tractor. We can stump a couple acres a day with the combination. It will keep up with a 225 H.P. Forestry Tractor mounted grinder and costs a hundred thousand dollars less!! Yes, I’d recommend it, it’s an amazing piece of machinery.

Doug W…St. Louis, Mo. : Farmer and Part Time Stump Grinding Service- After five years with virtually no maintenance, and the machine still operating flawlessly…we traded it in for another new one. We grind with one of our farm tractors, a 966 International. During the time of our first PRO150, we made $50,000 extra income grinding stumps, by grinding approximately one day a month!! I’d recommend the stump grinder to anyone, except a potential competitor within 50 miles or so .

Jr. N…Wooster, Oh. : Stump Grinding Operator - Boy, I have to tell you…I am having a blast grinding stumps. The whole business is new to me, but just amazingly profitable. Compared to the rigors and thin margins we are accustomed to in farming, the stump grinding side line is extremely profitable. The PRO150 is a monster. Wherever I go people gather and are astounded with the effectiveness of the PTO Stump Grinder . Now, you have to feed and care for it with grease and tooth maintenance, provide a good deal for the customer, and be a good operator…but, doing that, it provides as much hourly income as a $200,000 excavator!! We are right on track with the Companies rule of thumb of 1-2% of earnings for repairs and maintenance. This combined with the rate of return on the original investment, makes it the most profitable piece of machinery me or my farm neighbors have ever seen. The Miller stump grinders are basically a work of art in the parts used and the Craftsmanship seen in the fit and finish, it would be the only choice for the mechanically fanatical type of person.

Tim P…N. Canton, Oh. : Clear Cut Land Clearing - We own the original “unit #1” PRO150 Stump Grinding Attachment. It was purchased in 1995, and is still running strong today. And this is in the land clearing industry. We tried some other brands long ago, but they were not even close to the Miller PRO150 PTO Stump Grinder. We’ve beat it up so bad, we’ve had to replace parts from time to time, but the unit is easy to work on, and parts are fairly priced. I’ll tell you how much we have used this machine, is that we wore out two of the standard production wheels. Not that they were soft or anything…they lasted a good long while, and have no complaints. Since we have gone to the Sandvik Dura Disk from New River Mfg. here in Canton, Oh. This disk really is the icing on the cake. Our production rates have jumped 30-40%, and tooth maintenance has been cut in half. Don’t get me wrong, the standard production wheel is great, as is the rest of the machine. However, for brutal, continuous land clearing, the Dura Disk is an excellent investment.


Sean H…Eugene, Or. : Full Tree Service Owner/Operator- We originally tried a cheaper brand before trying the Miller PRO75SS skid steer stump grinder. The ‘75SS is ten times the machine, with about three times the production rates. It functions well and is one heck of a machine. It’s slick with the full x-y-z cutter head range of motion and back fill blade. Once you get the knack of operating, it’s the fastest way I know of to tackle the kind of jobs we see out here. We average several thousand dollars per day, when we grind hard all day. We run it on an ASV RC-100 rubber tracked crawler/loader. With the potent variable displacement piston pump of the ASV, the Miller Stump Grinder will small and medium stumps in less than two minutes. I’d definitely recommend this grinder. The Company turned out to be fantastic to deal with too. The grinder was damaged in transit on a commercial carrier out here to Oregon. The Company immediately expressed repair parts out to us, and worried about payment and damage claims later. It got me running without missing a beat. Then, they went to bat for me with the freight company, and I got a very fair settlement for the damage. I have nothing but good to say about the Miller product and Company.

Dale W…Philadelphia, Ms. : Stump Grinding Contractor- We originally had the O.E.M. stump grinder for our Cat 268B. However we were extremely disappointed. The PRO75SS Stump Grinder is the Big Daddy…it is five times as good as the other grinder. What was disappointing was that the 268B Loader has among the highest rated, if not the highest rated High Flow Hydraulics in the industry, at 78.3 Hydraulic H.P. However, once I went to the Miller ‘75SS, I felt like I was getting all the loader had to offer. And I was satisfied. That’s not easy, since I’ve been grinding stumps commercially for 25 years, and know what’s what in that business.

Trumble B…Sheffield, Ma. : Full Line Tree Service- What a “weapon”! That’s it in a nutshell. We’re running our stump grinder on the ASV Posi Track RC100, and it is, of course, renowned as the ultimate tool carrier for running power attachments in the tree service business. After about a day of practice, you become an expert. I don’t see why a tree service would use any other kind of stump grinder. We’ve seen other brands out here in the North East, and they all are a joke. I’d recommend the Miller PRO75SS skid steer stump grinder for any serious stump grinding application.

Bill D…Rockford, Il. : Right of Way Contractor, Brush and Stump Mulching- We operate a couple of Bobcat Skidsteer Loaders for Brush Mulching and Stump Grinding. The stump grinder is used on our T250. With 57 Hydraulic H.P. we elected to go with the PRO75SSP. The combination produces very satisfying productivity. We can match job completion rates of 60-70 H.P. engine driven grinders. The speed and handiness of the stump grinder are unmatched. The stump grinder used very efficient and cool running hydraulics. The T250 has the capability to monitor hydraulic oil temperature on the overhead diagnostic module, and the temperature with stump grinder operation run about 160 deg. F. That’s amazing for this kind of machinery, and gives me great confidence in both the skidsteer and stump grinder. I am totally satisfied with the stump grinder, and how it works on the T250.

Dennis S…New Caney, Tx. : Tree Service and Stump Grinding Operation- Well, you can tell I like the Miller Stump Grinders…I’ve had three of them. Originally, I did land clearing with a PRO150 on a Ford 9030 Bi-Directional tractor. Then, I decided I liked residential tree work better overall, so ran a PRO75T on a Kubota tractor. Finally, I bought an ASV Posi Track model RC-100, and Miller PRO75 SS stump grinder. Thankfully, the ASV has very strong hydraulics, and the ‘75SS has whatever is in there that makes it extremely efficient. In other words, it is the ONLY skidsteer stump grinder with enough power for professional tree work. We grind a lot of stumps in a hurry with this machine. I would highly recommend it, when fitted on any skidsteer with strong high flow hydraulics. The factory will tell you straight if you have enough hydraulics, you can trust them not to “sell” you something you won’t be satisfied with.



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